Congrats to the UG's Brian "The Predator" Rogers by another devastating 1st round KO by flying knee.

wow that was a sick ass KO and he did it to a 2 time world bjj champion. Awesome work.


 that was badass

 "Google it."

I didn't know he posted here. Badass KO Phone Post




B-rog is the real deal. Glad to see him starting to get the attention he deserves. War B-rog! Phone Post

Nice!!! Congrats!!! Phone Post

DamnSevern -  http://i248.photobucket.com/albums/gg176/daveshaps/predator55.gif?t=1318611514

 hahaha- nice--

 great KO, another spectacular performance from Brian Rogers,
i cant wait to see the next round of the tourney!

 nice ko

Awesome!!! TTT for Mr. Flawless Phone Post

If anyone is interested, here is the video of the KO -


Pacers = Faggots.

Paul George sends kissy face pics to guys, wtf kinda shit is that.

minotauro11 -  Very badass fight and KO. Phone Post


Flawless Victory!

Super star in the making!

unfilter -  

can someone add this to the ug sign thread? Phone Post