Babalu isnt fighting in Strikeforce Bobby

Babalu never signed a contract, just a letter of intent I beleive.

And the Affliction events will most likely keep him busy for a bit. And Affliction pays VERY well.

Congrats to Bobby and AKA for his win on friday, but a fight with Babalu isnt very realistic

Hahahaaa.........Good to know.

Because I made a post at another forum saying "Babalu is making Affliction money, not Strikeforce money"

Coker is a great promoter and we like him.
But money talks

Not sure why Bobby would want to fight Babalu anyway.

Horrible matchup for him.

Hey Apple...

Money talks and cash screams.  The money is really not that different.  And Whitehead is a stud too.  Babalu should beat him but he is not a walk in the park and he has been on a roll. 

No offense Eric, but I never said I was fighting Babalu.

I said, "I heard he had signed with StrikeForce, and obviously with his international appeal, they are grooming him for a title shot. If StrikeForce and SVSE want me to fight Babalu, then it's Babalu". Or something to that effect.

And he is fighting at the Playboy Mansion in August/September on a StrikeForce card. Of course,........

"card is subject to change"

 Henato by The sweep of a Pen !

Fighter to fighter discussion...sweet!

TTT Little Nog v. Babalu for LHW title....

no offense takin, Ive always liked uand the way u fight. Just sucks how people manipulate ur words to make it seem like ur callin him out. I did read the whole story

"Strikeforce Champ Southworth Calls Out Babalu
Fresh off an underwhelming 5 round decision win that drew strong boos from the crowd, Strikeforce light heavyweight champ called out Renato "Babalu" Sobral.

and I saw that you didnt say anything disrespectful

But like I said, Babalu had no intention of fighting for anyone else other than Affliction.

Where was that story posted Eric. I'd like to give it a read!!

I would like to see a Tito vs Babalu match up..

So are B South and Bad Apple swapping spit now?  I could have sworn I heard Apple booing during your fight.  And Apple you know B South turned out one of your girls.  B South make the cut to 85, and Apple pack on the creatine.  This is a fight I would love to see. 

What exactly is a letter of intent?

Not much of a call out in that article, lots of respect though.

LOL, jeeeez Ken. I was in hollywood friday night, not san jose. And I have enough issues not liking people from NorCal, so dont start another problem!

What Eric!!!

Your a Locationist!! That's it You n Me. No no,....

I mean You and I!!!(lol)

Rox19 - What exactly is a letter of intent?

I think a letter of intent is the same thing Fedor signed with M-1 and we all saw how that worked out LOL.

Congrats on the win Bobby and I'm sure you'll get a great opponent whether it's Babalu or not. Coker and Strikeforce have a great way of doing business that draws in top fighters!

 Allan Goes called both of you guys out.  Said he would fight for a Happy Meal too.