Babalu UFC 62 fight shorts on ebay

Babalu was a class act and took the time to donate his shorts after his UFC 62 fight. They are now up on ebay for the Ryan Bennett Memorial Fund. I would like to thank everyone who donated, bid or even just looked at the items. I want to also thank Zuffa and Dana White who have and will continue to allow me to get the items after the fights.

Thats cool and I salute you for doing this for the bennet family. But I hope Dana doesnt actually have a say in what fighters do with there own personal items.

Dana has not made the guys donate at all! Dana has allowed me to go in the back after the fights to get items. We have made it VERY VERY clear that the guys can donate the item or items if they choose. I have said it every time I speak to the fighters. I was thanking Dana for allowing me the opportunity that's all. They could make it very hard but have helped a great great deal, thats all.
Trust me its a lot more than other companies have done north of where I live!

Awesome. No negativity intended by me.

I understand just wanted to explain incase others thought the same.


I went and ran the price up a little, got outbid though, will try again later.