Baby Gi's - Available?

For those that dont know (and care) My wife just gave birth to a baby boy Charlie .

Just wondering if you can buy baby gi's anywhere , I thought it would be cool to buy him one for christmas .

He is 9 days old and already can put kermit the frog
into his guard !

congrats aaron

sorry i wouldnt have the feintest about small gi' many jokes i'd like to make here!! :)

Congrats on the birth of Charlie.


Thanks very much . We have had some dramas in the past , so it is a massive relief for us that the pregancy went well .


Thats great to hear Aaron. Hope you have many great times ahead with the little one as i know you will.

I had some baby Koral Gi's, attached to Keyrings, most likely too small though?

I used to have one around the E-Tag on my Windscreen to give you an idea of size.

I have one left, if you want it, it's yours.



Charlie is tiny , but the keyring gi might be a bit small ;) Appreciate the thought though

My mum made my kids one when they were smaller. Think i have thrown it out now but i'm pretty sure she made the pands of a PJ's pattern and the top of a dressing gown pattern. I'll cheack, so if you have someone who can sow you should be right.

Think of the practicality though, you'll never lose him and he'll always have a set of fun size keys to play with!!!


If Aarons like me it could be bad, i'm always losing my keys. Might be better to hand him off the e-tag like G does instead.

Wifes hate it when you lose their kids. ;)


LOL at Gerald... I've seen that keyring

Thanks Matt , appreciated .

Congrats Buddy!