back from Africa. . .

Back from Africa. . . .

Great trip! Much thanks to Chico for being a fantastic host as always.

I arrived Sat afternoon and wound up teaching a Coaches class for some of the staff and ATG's there that evening. I think it turned out really well, and I tried out some experimental coaching ides I came up with on the plane which I wrote about in my BLOG.

We will be doing a similar series of exercises at Spring Camp in March.

The next day we wound up with over 75 people on the mat. So an excellent turnout, and good overall mindset group wide. I mixed 'I' method Jits with some inquiry method drills and the result was that I believe it became one of the better seminars I have ever taught.

I did multiple evaluations throughout the trip, and happy to say we have quite a few new blues in Africa (full names to follow later), as well as two new purples, Wiukus and Bobby from Chico's school.

We will put more on this in the 'promotions' section of the website soon.

On Thursday we flew to Capetown. Capetown is beautiful! Awesome beaches, mountains, music, Art, just a really excellent piece of land.

I would also like to thank Steve and Evi for being fantastic hosts. Also thanks to Luca, Dante, Rip, and Suzy. . . .Suzy is a very bright dog who spent a considerable amount of time under my bed.

Evi is a fantastic cook, and I have gained some weight. Great food and wine nightly on the African Coast. . .it's a tough job I have, but I play through.

Just a few days before I arrived a small granny had been eaten by a large white shark on the beach there. She was going for her daily swim, anxd it hit her once, and then came back and took her whole. It spit out only red bathing cap, which was found later.

Too many good times to relate from Capetown some highlights where . . . . . .

Large Boulder Beach, which is stunning.

Swimming in the Ocean with hundreds of penguins.

Petting a Cheetah.

Getting to practice my African accent endlessly.

Cindy Lauper, (ask Rodney about his dance).

Martial Eagles which can kill a cheetah or small lion with one strike.

Amazing skies lit up with thunder and lightning storms, on a warm Summer evening.

I could go on. . . . . .

Africa is a continent everyone should at some point see for themselves. Honestly, if it wasn't for the breathtaking landscape, warm beaches, beautiful animals, endless art galleries, music, sun, food, and friendly people, I could probably live in Capetown myself! : )

I'll post some random pics and highlights later on my Blog.

Have a good thanksgiving!

"Happiness is always in direct proportion to how grateful you are in the moment, which is always NOW."

You couldn't get me into the water in South Africa NO WAY, NO HOW!!! My first movie was JAWS at the drive in movies when I was 4 or 5 years old. And you swam with the penguins after you heard about the old lady getting munched on??? Truly a brave man.....

Aren't hippos responsible for way more deaths than sharks and crocs on the African continent? We don't really taste that good to sharks - too much bone not enough fat and meat - usually they only grab us if they mistake us for a tasty seal... mmmmm... seal...



Thanks was awesome having you:) Don't mock
the dance it is the latest craze, I realize you are
old and out the loop a bit:)



Cyndi Lauper rulz and will live forever!!!

Welcome back Matt.

"Gorillas just wanna have fun..."


"Don't mock the dance it is the latest craze, I realize you are old and out the loop a bit:)"

So true bro, your dance moves to Cyndi Lauper where way beyond my scope of Portland hipster-ness. . . truly a site to see. Great trip, thanks much and send me those names for the updates.

Yep hippos are by far the second most dangerous creatures there. . . . .second only to their far deadlier two legged counterparts called humans. . .a violent and destructive species.

"Yep hippos are by far the second most dangerous creatures there. . . . .second only to their far deadlier two legged counterparts called humans. . .a violent and destructive species."


Fact of the day:
If a hippo's tooth bit through your leg, the hole would be big enough to pass a beer bottle through... mmm... beer...

Awesome fact!

Hey Matt

Just wanna say thanks for the seminaar and the evaluation!

Oh and I would rather grapple a hippo than take you on :-) (My shoulder still hurts).



Sorry bro, I hope you rest it and let it heal. It was great to see you again, and congrats to you and Bobby, well deserved!

Please remind Rodney to send me all the names of the evals so we can update the site.


i'm sure poor Theresa has about enough of that by now!

Eeeeeehhhhh. . . .just for that i must speak this way endlessly in irEeeland!

"Eeeeeeeeeh....I hev a hedeck"


Ehhhhh, what? Alright.

You must be CRAZY swimming in the ocean in Cape Town.
It is literally loaded with Great Whites - the Cape variety which leap out of the water.

Even crazier for swimming with Penguins - one of their main food groups.
(There has been a spate of Surfers being eaten on the Cape just recently).

Anyway, I'm gonna be in Cape Town just after the New Year and wondered if there were any SBG clubs there or at least SBG reccomended?

Also, I wanna pick up some of the DVD's on Rodney Site, but only the most recent is mentioned as being region free.
Just wondered if the others were too?


Sorry, just saw this. . .yes, there is a great Gym in Capetown that IS SBGi. . .check the website click on international, and scroll down to Africa. You will see Steven's e-mail there in Capetown, just drop him a note.

Regards sharks, animals & fish don't bite me. .only the human kind does. . but I appreciate the concern.

Regards region free, I believe all our new DVD products are now Region free, and those that are not are available that way. I would drop a note to and they can fill you in on details.