back pain

Hi Scott , fellow ROSSafarians ,

I'm just wondering if any of you suffer from a muscular , lower back pain ? The type that reaches critical when you're leaning forward to get a drink from the tap . I talked to a physiotherapist last year about it , but I'm wondering if I could get a ROSS approach to staying limber and eradicating this problem once and for all !

Thanx , Var

PS : Something tells me there is a video that might examine this type of thing ( and if there is I will pick it up at ICA2001 ) but I wondered if there were a few stretches or something I could start working on , so I can be in tip top shape for the camp !

Scott ,

First let me thank you for providing those exercises . I printed them off , and just tried them . My back feels better ; I have a ways to go of course . But I have a nice warm glow now instead of pain *S* . I'd like to ask a few questions about them though ...

If my hamstrings are in need of a lot of flexibility , will they hamper the first exercise ? I'm not the most flex. in that department , and found that EVERY shell I was fighting pain behind the knees ; everywhere else was ok .

"Don't try to distort your tissues. Flexibility is not a matter of overly shortened tissues, but rather a matter of overly-tone (non-maximally relaxed) tissue. "

Scott , could you elaborate briefly on this statement . Something tells me this is key , yet I'm at a loss to grasp it . Normally after 5-6 re-reads I get most of your material *W* .

Sincerely , Var

"You can deliberately TELL your muscles to relax, through the visceral trigger of respiration (in this case, expiration)."

I'd still love a brief elaboration on this material . I wonder , as well , if there is more to the above quote than meets the eye .*G*

Cheers , Var


Thats a lot of Zen , with a twist of Taoism , biomechanics , and lots of uncommon sense to ponder in one sitting Scott ! I'm going to print this out and mull over it for ... the rest of my life ! Because honestly you have provided a recipe for living life to it's fullest . It's all there in your words ... all the insight and direction is there , we need only bring it to fruition ; embodying these principles .

As for my stretching ... an interesting this happened at the cottage a few days ago . I am inthe midst of chainsawing a hydro corridor , so I made sure I did those stretches before and during each day . What I noticed when I began to really relax into them , and forgot about the pain and contorting tissue etc , is that I was beaming an inquisical smile because during the stretch my face was dropping almost effortlessly closer and closer to my feet . It was almost surreal !! By forgetting what I thought I knew , by reframing my expectation , I was relaxed and was so far removed from my normal range (minimal) that for just a moment my brain did a double take .. my eyes bugged out .. and I burst out laughing ( which of course rocked my belly onto my thighs ! More ways to skin a cat ; but I digress *L* ) .

Something tells me that life as I know it will take on a major re-framing from the second week in September on !

Thanx a great deal Scott !

Sincerely , Var