Bad Boy available at Casca Grossa

I'm finishing to list the items. We will driving to Miami for NAGA this weekend.

WHich means, if you place your order by Friday night, I can guarantee that we will have the item available, then we will see what will be left after the tournament.

All orders placed after tomorrow at 6pm will be shipped on Monday.


TTT for the Primo....

finished listing the items.....


ttt for the best fightwear company out there.

TTT for Casca Grossa. JJ/Carol see you this weekend. Please have some more of those awesome CG hoodies available.

LOFUCKINGL @ 97 dollars for that backpack?

wtf man? are you kidding me?

ttt for Carmine!

casca grossa is the ultimate mma store

TTT yes Airmobile we will have those hoodies in the 305, cant wait to see you guys.............


that shit looks badass

THNX for the props folks ................



TTT for the BEST! 

that stuff looks very good

 HeAdBuTTeD , I'll probably ship your order today and it usually takes 7-10 days for you to get it, but if you want to order to make sure we still have the item before the tournament,  I have no problems in holding until Monday or whenever to ship.

ok sounds good

im gonna check out the site and make sure everything is in stock

i will either order it today or tomorrow...if its gonna take 7-10 days, i have no worries about missing it, i will be back before the time is up

thanks alot for answering my questions

bad boy was cool like 7 years ago.

TTT for J.J. & Carol!! Casca Grossa is the best gear company around!!! BAR NONE!!

J.J. or Carol, please email me at

I need to talk to you about something!