Bad Boy out.. Bad Ass in?

I wonder if Dana is trying to set something up by making Tito look like a punk.. or if he is trying to get him to leave..

then having Baroni come in.. as the new heel.


Even if Dana hates Tito, Tito won't be going anywhere.

I don't see Tito as a contender against Chuck anymore..

maybe Tito might be able to go to heavyweight.. I just don't see Tito as wanting to be a gatekeeper

cuz Baroni is the best eva! Duh!

I think Tito really help build the popularity of the UFC as the bad guy.. but it seems like Dana is going to try to screw him over..

personally i think Tito vs Baroni would be an interesting match..

First things first....Baroni has a heck of a fight coming up against Shamrock.

parklife, how would Tito vs. Baroni happen? Tito could not make it down to 185 and Baroni won't fight up at 205.

I always heard how people want Tito to rematch with Frank Shamrock.. and I figured Shamrock is fighting Baroni.. that Baroni.. then must be fighting at the same weight as Tito...