Baltimore Lions Den

I have heard that there is a Lions Den in Baltimore. Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know who runs the place? Is there a website?

Thanks in advance


I live in Balto and manage a local fighter. I have never heard of a Lions Den in Baltimore. I know several guys on here may train at Ground Control with John Rallo, Rocky M____, and Binky Jones.

I am curious as well

Yeah, I haven't heard of one. Maybe someone here will know..


No suck thing.

No Lion's Den here. We are a Renzo affiliate. We have a brown belt and two purples here right now. We train wrestling, bjj, and vale tudo. What type of training are you looking to do?

GroundControl is this in Towson?

No, we are located in Canton. check out our site for more details .

Thanks for all your input guys, I appreciate it. I was wondering because a freind of mine is working construction in Baltimore and someone he works with says that he trains there. My freind is 35 and we work out (wrestle, box, kicbox) together, so he was just looking for something to keep active while he is there during the week.

The workmate is supposed to take him there next week. I was just curious if anyone had any information about it, because it was news to me. I will keep you posted on what happens.

I will mention the Renzo school to him and tell him to check it out.

Thanks again guys