Bang Ludwig Vs. Malapaiet?

Results? Anyone? Anyone?

I just got a call from my friend at ringside, Bang via decision, but my buddy said Duane beat the shit out of malapaiet.

SO I guess this means K-1 has better Kickboxers at 155 than Thailand perhaps?

It begins.

I don't know. I look to you as High Lord Authority on all things stand up. Please tell me.

"SO I guess this means K-1 has better Kickboxers at 155 than Thailand perhaps? "

no it means that Bang won a close decision in his hometown of colorado. In addition, the Thai was at a disadvnatage because of hte altitude.

Congrats to bang, he's the best american kickboxer alive.

He hasbeen training at high altitude for a while, I don't think it had much of an effect on him. Golddragon Malapaiet lives in America and hasn't fought in thailand in quite a while so your statement is idiotic. Do you even follow the sport of kickboxing at all or do you just read results on the UG. Oh, and were you born a fucking moron or was it something you had to work on?

I dont think this is a a fair comparison, because duane has been fighting muay thai alot longer then k-1.

Glad to heat duane beat him though, normally i cheer for the thai fighters, but his opponent looked very cocky.

Malapaiet fights for Superleague, which is a hot new european promotion.

Congrats to Bang¡¡¡¡

Cockkicker when did I say anything about America.

So sorry, if I dont have the time to geek it up on the internet all day looking at kickboxing info like your super cool fanboy ass.

People like yourself who take a fucking interent forum for geeks as seriously as you do need to seriously look themselves in the mirror and ask whether you need therapy or not because your behavior is not anywhere near normal.

You obviously have no real life outside of mma forums, otherwise you wouldnt take yourself so seriously and be so hypersensitive.

1.) Pro Fighters who post here, do us all a favor and give us the chance to learn and interact with them.

2.) Moderators have to be here.

3.)The only non-pro fighters or non-moderators on here are those who can have fun, troll here and there, throw some flame bait yet still add a serious post when felt necessary. These people actually have a live and are just having some fun.

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ttt Duane.

Duanes hands looked to be very improved. he was throwing really nice combinations the whole night. The Thai had good power in his kicks and punches, but he seemed to drag the last round and a half. There were many great exchanges in the fight, it was awesome. Bang even pulled out the Karate kid impressions in the 4th or 5th round. I was really lucky to see this show. Bang won a well deserved decision

GoldFagon fuck you.

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I win.