BANG Wins ISKA World Title!!

fyi, unanimous JD. from what i could gather from mmaweekly's live report the first two rounds were close, but then Bang opened up in the last three rounds and controlled the pace.

Congrats to Bang.



Bang is really achieving greatness on a world level in Muay Thai. Malaipet is on Super League's level. Bang needs to fight in Super League, K1 Max GP 2004..and of course TKO!

don't think you'll see him fighting in TKO anytime soon. just my opinion though.


I know, he'll choose Bushido, SHooto & UFC over it for sure. TKO was a stepping stone for him. I can't blame him for searching greatness

true dat. good luck to him in whatever he chooses.

marauder you put TKO in the same league as K1 you have to be joking

no not the same caliber of show ur right

same caliber of fighters though in this situation anyway he fought jens pulver a rematch would be nice i always liked pulver

I beleive neither of them got paid for that fight so you won't be seeing them on TKO

I don't understand how a fighter can't get paid for working. I'm not trying to start shit here, I just really don't understand. Don't they get some money up front or something?

That's what should happen and for the most part this doesn't happen very often. I was at a fight card years ago where the event ended and the promoter was gone nowhere to be found and he screwed everyone for their money