Bang x GOMI drawing ((((bad artwork warning))))

This is my most favorite thread ever. Phone Post 3.0

The first response gets me every single fucking time. Phone Post 3.0



Card -  starts slow clap

Hahaha Card knew Immediately the greatness of the

Tys - Yeah, that's fucking terrible.
. Phone Post 3.0

Tys - Sorry if that came across a bit harsh earlier. It's not a great drawing, but you're definitely very autistic and have some potential.
. Phone Post 3.0

Thread is GOLD. OP rolled with it completely too, awesome haha Phone Post 3.0

This is dope dude. Phone Post 3.0

G.O.A.T thread

Can't believe this thread is almost 8 years old, that picture never fails to make me laugh Phone Post 3.0

Gomi Head is unbannable! UNBANNABLE!

Fuck it do what makes you happy

DaveGarcia - Wow great job!  Now try this pic. 
Every time I get to this post I loose my shit. Phone Post 3.0

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I got Gomi head in my trivia thread.

TTMFT for forum member Gomi FTW.

Goddamnit I can’t remember what I posted

My only regret was not making the following:

Charles “Crazy Horse” Bennett standing on the top of a cliff yelling “GOMIIII!!!”

To the left, there would be 3 floating Gomi heads instead of wolf heads.