Bankart/Slap repairs (shoulder)


Did you have the bone graft the second time then? Were both surgeries arthroscopic? Did you have an arthrogram after the first dislocations post surgery? What did it show?

I had arthroscopic in Sept 07 and then 7 months later dislocated once at judo going with one of the kids. I saw several docs and had an arthrogram that showed that the labrum wasn't retorn, but the capsule was detatched. I settled on open surgery with a bone graft because apparently the socket was "dented" on the original dislocation. I will not be rolling at BJJ or judo for at least 9 months.

I had an arthrogram/MRI after I had dislocated it the second time after my first surgery by recommendation of my original surgeon. Based on this he recommended I get a bone graft.

The third surgeon I saw had me get a CT scan so they could construct a 3D image of my humoral head. Based on this imaging she told me my the dent in my humoral head (hilsac lesion) was not the primary cause of my instability. My labrum was retorn and she reanchored it and gave me an extemely tight capsule. So far it has felt very stable, but like I said above, I am overly cautious with it. So far so good

I forgot to answer your question, both were arthroscopic

Hey good luck CRM, I know what you mean about tapping early when someone gets you in a bad position, If you look at my posts in the same thread we can all agree that shoulder injuries suck!!!

roc311, thanks for the support and best of luck to everybody else in their recoveries.