Bankart/Slap repairs (shoulder)

Has anyone had a Bankart repair or Slap repair (or both) for their shoulder? What have your experiences been for rehab/training?

I had it after dislocating my shoulder in July 07 at judo rolling with a heavy weight. Shoulder came out 2 more times in training over the next month (not pleasant) and an arthroscopic slap repair was ordered after the arthrogram/mri confirmed a tear to the labrum. Did all the rehab and such and felt good with range of motion and got back to it about 5-6 months later and dislocated again.

After talking to my original surgeon and taking my arthrograms and x-rays to 2 other surgeons for 2nd/3rd opinions, I am now scheduled to have open surgery next wed. The final doc I went to was a serious sports guy who works on the Cowboys/Stars and said that because the bone was dented on the first dislocation, I couldn't just repair the issue like my first doc did. Now they will be grafting bone to the shoulder socket to account for the change in anatomy from the original injury. The repaired labrum is still holding but the capsule has been stretched again and will be repaired.

So all in all, my advise is to DEFINITELY get a 2nd opinion (even if your guy is good and has a good rep), be very clear about your post surgery sports goals, and try to find the doc that works on the NFL/NHL type sports teams in your area.

To specifically answer your question - rehab isn't that bad. Sleeping in a sling sucks though - and you aren't suppose to drive for the 3 weeks you're in it. After that rehab is 3 weeks range of motion (going 2-3x/week), and then 4 weeks of building stabilizing strength in the supporting muscles.

Sounds like you're getting a bone graft for recurrent Hill-Sachs lesion.

If I were you, I'd not expect to get back into wrestling. You're looking at some serious arthritis, and a possible shoulder replacement at a young age.

Shoulder injuries stopped my BJJ, too. It sucked and I hope I'm wrong about your situation.

Good luck.

Hey Mike, what type of injury did you have to your shoulder? I tore the cartilage in my shoulder and was wondering if you had a similar injury, and what your doc said. TTT

I had a SLAP II and a defect of the cartilage covering the top of my humerus. The defect was small and most orthopedic guys I spoke with thought it wasn't going to progress too much, although I was advised to forget about grappling.

What have you done for your shoulder so far? Rehab exercises? Any surgical intervention?

Nothing really in means of rehab, nor did I have any surgery. I'm in process of going to a 3rd doc and finally getting some concrete advise. The second doc who I went was good but pissed me off the second time I went to him (year later), b/c I asked him what I should do and not do and what my options were. He basically told if it hurts stop what your doing, and the only real way of knowing what is going on is to open it up. Ok advise, minus the fact that I had to drive an hour to get there and 40 minutes to see him.

As of now I stopped all training but I want to start up again. I would love to start boxing again at least (which I've done off and on since my injury, but I would to start rolling again).

Are you lifting weights or anything? Also does your shoulder sound like a rice crispy treat when you wake up? No joke.

BTW my injury was an osteochrondal (sp) defect, basically tore the cartilage in my shoulder, and opened a door to possible arthritis and other things. Keep in touch we should start a shoulder injury thread or something.

Very occasionaly I'll hear a bit of crunching in the shoulder. I had the surgery almost three years ago.

I do lift weights, although the poundages are less than before. For example, 90# dumbbell inclines turned into 65#s, etc.

Definitely let me know how things go for you. There are options that you could take, which include microfracture, OATS (bone/cartilage grafting), ACI, and some other stuff mainly in Europe.

The shoulder thread would be a good one if it could be kept around permanently like the ACL one from a few years back.

Yeah man, I will keep you posted. Do you do any type of training now besides weights? For example boxing or musy thai?

My injury was almost three years ago, hopefully with this next visit I can figure out my next move.

Haven't done any contact sports since the injury. Every so often-sometimes daily-I'll get a catching feeling in my shoulder than doesn't hurt but is uncomfortable. Probably the defect of the humeral head...That's just with normal movement, never mind boxing or grappling.

I hope your results are better than mine. Keep me updated.

Can you lift weights, specifically dumbbell bench or overhead pressing? Thanks

I can do overhead work and chest with bar or dumbbells. However, I lightened up the weight, don't go beyond "parallel," and hold my palms facing one another.

Excuse my ignorance Mike, by parallel you mean nothing like swings and no single are press? Thanks

When you hold a barbell, your thumbs face each other.

When I use a dumbbell, my hands are turned ninety degrees so that the palms face each other.

It's a bit awkard and doesn't feel natural or as strong as the normal style, but it takes stress off the joint.

Thanks for clarifying, I know exactly what you mean and actually do the same thing.

Hey let me ask question about your injury. With your type of injury is separating your shoulder a symptom? Thanks again

No, not really. My understanding of a seperated shoulder is that you've injured the AC joint, not the glenohumeral joint (ball-and-socket).

Ouch that sounds like it hurts bad. Can you move your arms in circles without pain? How much mobility/flexibility have you lost?

I worked hard on regaining my flexibility using a wooden dowel to help me stretch my arms above my head and to increase my external rotation ability.

My flexibility is back to what it was. The biggest problem is an occasional popping in the shoulder. I will never try to use what was heavy for me again, though. Like I said, my best military presses with dumbbells were 75#--now I use 50#s.

How is your flexibility?

Hey Mike sorry for the late reply. Anyway my flexibility is ok, I guess. One thing I notice is when I try to put my arm behind my back and trying to touch my upper back I lost in that regard. But I suspect that is probably from scar tissue build up more then anything

With regards to BJJ (not training right now), I probably lost alot b/c there is no way I have the same flexibility I did before my injury with regards to keylocks, and moves of that nature.

I've boxed with my shoulder the way it is now before, and was able to be somewhat pain free, except for throwing hooks and uppercuts, I guess it depends on the situation.

Hopefully my new doc will give me some real answers, hear soon.

Out of curiosity you mentioned that you still work out and so forth, what exercises are you avoiding now. Also do you have loud clicking sounds in you shoulder? TTT and Merry XMAS

P.S.Sorry for all the rambling.

I get occasional clicking, moreso in the right shoulder, but I'm used to it so I don't get too worried. Initially, though, it made it pause and wonder if I'd messed things up again.

I don't go heavier than 65# for any pressing movement (sucks, but whatever) and I am careful to avoid going deeper than "parallel" with pressing movements.

Hope things get better for you. Please let me know what the new doc says.


This is my first post, but I thought I would share my Bankart stories and maybe help provide some insight into the rehab process.

I've actually had two of them, the first 12/15/07 and revision 01/15/08. I dislocated four times before my first and three times before my second (two times BJJ and one time boxing).

After my first, my doctor cut me loose after five months and I began lifting heavy and doing BJJ. It dislocated twice in the first month I began rolling. I tried boxing three months later and same story.

Before my second operation I got three opinions. One doctor recommended a bone graph, but the third assured me it wasn't necessary and she could fix it with a revision. I spent a solid six months in PT and still stretch it almost daily and use therabands 3x/week.

I work out 5 days a week and began rolling twice a week three weeks ago. My range of motion will most likely never fully return and it aches daily, but it feels pretty stable when I'm rolling. I tap prematurely anytime anybody gets ahold of my left arm.

My advice to anybody would be that if you want to roll give it more than the six months recovery time most doctors recommend. I think they say this with old men playing golf in mind and most don't realize how shoulder intensive rolling is. Along with this, consistent PT for at least the first few months of recovery. I made the mistake of not doing these things and pay dearly financially and physically. If I can help anybody answer any questions, let me know.