The guy is a killa, finishes the game.. fabz got lucky herb greenz stopped the fight.. p4p best in the world rite now is the renan ..

He's p4p numba 1 currently Imo. Best win streak in the game and has yet to be in a truly close fight in the ooo ehhhhh see Phone Post 3.0

Fo realz Phone Post 3.0

BarĂ£o is the best fighter in the world right now, no one comes even close. It's a world of distance. Untrained spectators won't be able to catch that, but it is a fact.

Also the P4P best celebration dance!

P4p dolphin right now Phone Post 3.0

P4P of all time in the oooo ehh see. Obrigada Phone Post 3.0

"But...California Love!! Cornrows!! His thumb was up!" Phone Post 3.0

sekundarburnes - He's pretty great but why does beating eddie wineland, urijah faber and michael mcdonald make you p4p #1?
Because he is on a ridiculous win streak and has starched the top guys in the division. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo and Jones have beaten more high level opponents.

Aldo and Jones have beaten more high level opponents.

He looks more like an Alligator. Phone Post 3.0

Lol at love tapping a person on their gloves and shoulders and begging the ref to stop it. Yeah, real warrior spirit.

I guess people overlook all the stalling type of kickboxing executed by Barao and Aldo because they love Brazilian men.

hendofanforlife -
Crystal Whiskers - He looks more like an Alligator. Phone Post 3.0

Hes from Brazil so it would be a Caiman lol. Blue Please..
He's more like a bloodthirsty flesheating piranha stalking his next prey in the dangerous waters of the Amazon. Phone Post 3.0

the guy is a fkn animal, sharp as a fkn razor blade , happens to be a vampire, and is a finisher.. the guy has run thru that division -cruz "but hed beat the dogshit outta him too" could and at some point prolly will move up grab that belt and move up and grab the lightweight strap too, my only hope is that penn gets his shit together long enough to grab aldos strap if he "vacates it"  and retires before anyone even thinks about him fighting renan..