Barboza vs. Njokuani is such a beautiful fight.

I want a goddamn rematch.

I'd like that. Phone Post

Yeah probably the most technical standup fight in MMA history, I see a lot of threads talking about Barboza who he should fight next, who he can beat, etc. Not a lot of threads about Anthony & I thought he won that fight but can see how they gave it too Barboza. Anthony fights Andre Winner next weekend, I think he will get a tko/ko will be a good fight to get him back on the winning track, especially if he can get ko of the night.

Great Fight to watch and an interesting fight to judge.

They both have very winnable fights next Barboza against Pearson and Njokuani vs Winner

It was hyped up to be one of the greatest Muay Thai showcases in the octagon and it delivered. Anyone who has done some thai boxing has to appreciate that fight.

Glad you guys feel the same about this, no homo.

And yeah, both fighters have very winnable upcoming fights.

Re-Match please Dana??

Technical brawls are the fights the fans want to see. Nothing better than 2 guys with great technique going to war. There were no losers in that fight. I gave the edge to Anthony, but I'm ok with Barboza getting it too. That spinning roundhouse kick probably won him the fight.