Barnett on W.Silva: Im planning his retirement

Lmao. What a grab for attention and weak for trying to build his name off the current W.Silva .

Maybe he's replacing sonnen and picking up where he left off...

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Sonnen is irreplaceable.

Barnett/Barnatt, same difference, right?

Above poster. Forgive my spelling ....I would take Silva via tko 2 and rd if thus fight took place anytime these year. Phone Post 3.0

i give him props for the attempt.

but he should read the situation.

He's fought no one important, he doesn't have that exciting of a style, and he lost his last fight to.......sean strickland.

Get into the top 15, look impressive in a recent win, then do the call out. being ranked 60 and calling out an aging legend looks terrible.

He's very close friends with chael, and be probably wants to do the deed because uncle Chael can't anymore. Phone Post 3.0

I think this may be the biggest reach of all time. Considering luke hasn't shown to even be an average fighter in the ufc let alone the division. Phone Post 3.0

Josh barnett eats LHWs for Breakfast man.

Like a mcdonalds hash brown bro.

2 bites

I said this the other day in another thread about thus tired of young up and coming fighter's calling out past their prime legends. If this guy had any sort of cred I may give him a pass,but he has none. Phone Post 3.0

Well wandys out for a while so he has some time to build his resume

But still... Phone Post 3.0