Barnett vs Mighty Mo at Dream 13

According to Josh Gross.


K1= Mo via destruction

Dream= Mo in a cast is he doesn't tap quickly


weak fight

hmmmm Seth P. tried hard for this one......

Mo has a puncher's chance like always


Seth would certainly have more of a chance than Mo. I guess the Japanese like to see matchups of styles sometimes.

Mighty Mo has been rumored for every single DREAM card yet has appeared on none. I would take it with a grain of salt.

 Shoulda been Seth, hell I wanted to see Barnett vs Mckorkle.

Mo has a decent wrestling background, just has no ground game, he could pull an upset.

to say mo has a decent wrestling background is doing mo no justice. he was a great college wrestler, as well as having done many good things on the national and international level. If this fight happens im taking barnett.

just happy to see Barnett fighting again


ugh....yet again another top ten heavy fighting someone who doesn't figure into the picture at all.. ugh.

awilson82 -  Shoulda been Seth, hell I wanted to see Barnett vs Mckorkle.

It's what you wanted, I wanted, and the people wanted. But alas, Mighty Mo is a solid replacement imo.

lol at "replacement"

LoganClark - lol at "replacement"

You don't think that Mighty Mo is a solid replacement?

Replacement for whom?

Barnett will be smart enought to take this fight on the ground ASAP

I lost respect 4 barnett after the streoids. he beat randy, but he was roided. he amost fought fedor, but he tested plositive. barnett is good, but his roid use makes him a joke imo.

Thunderlips The Ultimate Male - It sucks to see that Barnett has not been in a fight that has mattered to fans in almost 4 years time. He has brought alot of that misfortune on himself though.

For a second I thought you were talking about Fedor. :-)