Barnett will beat down Overeem then

 move onto fighting winner of Cain/JDS where I think he will beat them too.

Barnett will be UFC HW Champ soon enough.

No way Overeem beats him and he will submit Cain or JDS

Thats the truth

Uh, no he wont.

He'll win the tournament fairly easily. But Dana won't let him in the UFC Octagon, he'll let his personal feelings for Josh end Josh's career. :(

Uhhh...But if Dana did let him into the UFC. Then Yes. For sure, Josh would become champion in a rush.

I got Bigfoot winning the tournament. I think Cain would be to fast for Barnett, but would love to see that shit.

Blasphemy!! Phone Post

 Bigfoot has a chance but slim one IMO.  Barnett will take him down and submit or GnP him.  Cain would be tougher fight but think he beats him also.

lol he takes this tourny easily

Barnett lost to crocop 3 times, crocop. -c-r-o c-o-p Phone Post

I'm not sure Overeem can get past Bigfoot. I still dont understand y Barnett got the pud side of the bracket...I sure hope he doesn win, hes one of the bigger douches in the game.

 Bigfoot/Overeem it doesn't matter Barnett will beat them. 

Cain will give him trouble with his hands and wrestling but still feel Barnett would take this

Have been fortunate enough to meet Barnett he is far from a douche.  Very nice guy actually.

Barnett will win the tourney even though I want Overeem to win. WHo knows if the UFC will ever let him fight the champ.

All golden glory final.

Love to see Barnett/Overeem winner vs. Cain/JDS winner...


The losers fight each other. That would be ill.

Barnett in his prime was at best 4th behind Fedor, Nog and Crocop... somehow, today where the talent pool has evolved 5 years he's supposedly going to be the best?

Where's Fedor, Crocop, and NOg now?

The only reason Barnett isnt on the clearance counter yet is because he's been fighting absolute nobodies for the past 5 years.

If Crocop and Big Nog fought his competition people would be swearing today that they are still top 5 HW's and that they would beat Cain and JDS.

Sergei is another nobody... he wasnt anything special in 2005 and he was just beat by Jeff monson.

As soon as Barnett faces his first relevant opponent he's gonna be exposed.

The first real opponent he's scheduled to fight in 5 years will be in the final. The last 2 real fights he's had was with Nog and crocop and he lost both... since then he's fought nothings.

Cain and JDS are both very bad matchups for Barnett. Both have very lethal standup, Cain has excellent wrestling and JDS has a solid TDD.

They remind me of a prime Mirko in a way, both can strike and defend takedowns very well. That's Barnett's kryptonite.

Overeem on the other hand lacks sufficient cardio to handle Josh, I think he will get beaten by him. But Overeem on the other hand matches up well with JDS, though I can see him getting TKO'd.

whoever wins between overeem and big foot will decide the winner of the tournament.

Overeem ain't getting past Bigfoot.

Still going with overeem for tourney winner Phone Post