Baroni an underdog?

Amir might turn out to be a good fighter, but how the hell is he a favorite right now????

I must be missing something. 


5:00 PM

32565 PHIL BARONI    


 Bout actually opened Pickem -115  on 10-21-2009. Whole planet has been betting against Phil and Tito Ortiz..

Money has driven that line up that high so far.  Tito opened -125 and is now as high as +150 at some sportsbooks...

Are there too different Amirs?  or did Baroni lose an arm in a car accident?

Seriously, I'd expect Baroni to be atleast  -300.  What am I missing?  Is this kid that good despite his 1-1 record? 

Joey, can you tell if its sharp money moving the line? 

It seems like such a bad line, that I must be missing something.

Some money I respect moved the Tito line early... but the early Amir money is puzzling.... looks square to me...