baroni/murray in UFC 49

this is the rumor that if both win their fights in UFC 48 they will be fighting in UFC 49

that is for sure a fight I would want to see

those guys trading would be an action packed fight with someone going down

I'll go with murray by ko

but what I am wondering is wtf happened to lindland?

guess he isn't charismatic enough for the UFC?

Baroni via punches to the face.


ptm: murray is fight curtis stout in the next UFC

william: I don't think it will go ala baroni/menne this time...

Why would Murray fight a guy that lost his last 2 UFC outings. Phil won't get past Tanner @ 48.

because the UFC wants him to.

dana (allegedly) said he expects both of them to win their fights.

That bullshit Baroni doesn't deserve a title shot before linland. Also Murray hasn't fought a top ten to gain that shot either. No wonder people leave the UFC

Danas been dog shit as far as predicting fight outcomes. Tanner is $.

I would rather see Murray fight Tito

I would love to see this fight, but agree that it should not be for the title.

gert this fight over with already