Baroni vs Vitali

Baroni vs Vitali

what does everyone think

Vitale will win this.


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Why the fuck would you want to see Baroni fight anyone??

Baroni wasn't the one who quit against lindland it was niko. thats why I want to see Baroni fight again.

If Baroni fights again it should be Murray, Tanner almost had him out, Murray will send his head into the infamous fifth row.

I think Baroni would kill Vitale, his ground game is better and if he stood he would knock him out.

Baroni sucks, Phil "Tank" Baroni, to bad there's nothig in his tank either. ( maybe sugar ).

I never want to see Baroni fight again. What a joke.

Baroni's ground game is better? You've got to be kidding me..

What ground game??? Niko by sub.