Bas Back with Pride

Bas is Back with Pride
From Bas Rutten.TV
For all the people that heard that I was at FRY'S Electronics with the autograph signing from Pride, yes, I am back with PRIDE!

I never thought this would be the case, but after a very good meeting at the PRIDE office here in Los Angeles with PRIDE President Mr. Sakikabara and the Pride representatives here in the States, a lot of light has been shed on the whole situation.

Things have been explained back and forward and we also came to the conclusion that we just really like to work together and that 6 years shouldn't be thrown away this easy.
So I will be at the broadcast table again in February joining Mauro Ranallo for the next PRIDE show!

I am really psyched about this because like I said in the letter that I posted on my website and in some interviews that I did, I just really like the whole PRIDE scene, the fighters, their trainers, the staff, my friends over there and of course working with Mauro!

I am also very happy that everything is worked out "face to face" with the people here in the States, we now know each others point of view of what happened and because of that everything is cleared up and we can resume our great working relationship that we had before.

One thing though, due to my busy schedule, I will only be handling the PRIDE shows. Frank Trigg, who I thought did a very good job at SHOCKWAVE will do the BUSHIDO events.

This is a great beginning to the New Year for me and I hope it's a sign of even more good things to come!

I also really want to thank all the fans for their support that they have been giving me and I hope they are as happy as I am!

Thanks everybody and best wishes,



it's good news but to be honest trigg did a great job imo

Bas is back! Trigg did a great job, but I Bas's commentary is superb!

Trigg did a decent Job

Bas is a great color guy adds lots of fun to the broadcast.

Bas has an infectious energy that just seems to make the fights more exciting - good to see him back!

Bas has an infectious energy that just seems to make the fights more exciting - good to see him back!

that's great fucking news.
Best of both worlds, Bas is back, and Trigg works the bushido shows.

Bas has an infectious energy that just seems to make the fights more exciting - good to see him back!

El Guapo has a plethora of opportunities in the fight world. Welcome Back!!!

This is really Bas?

He used to post on here all the time. Can't remember his old username, though.


Wasn't it, Bas Rutten? Something clever like that

Good news. Nice to know they came to an agreement. Bas orignally said his only complaint was the increased workload with all the Bushido shows cropping up. And, if Trigg's really going to stay dedicated, jetsetting to Japan almost every month would hurt his training. Good way to settle both problems.

good to hear! Bas' commentary & personality are irreplacable.

glad to hear that, i just didn't get into Frank commentating.

I wish they kept only Trigg and Rutten!


still doing KOTC Canada?