Bas F***ing Rutten is the man (VID

I love that clip...very well done.


Great fighter and entertainer :)

Almost (but not quite) as funny as "El Guapo Likes to Dance".

(And if you haven't downloaded THAT from Bas' site, you are missing out!)


Bas = The shit!!!

He deserves an Emmy for that one...

Here's a good one of Bas taking out Ricco at the request of Mark Kerr. This one is hilarious.


I want you to beat up my friend!

This is like a college entrance exam:

If that was funny, then Cowherd was _____.

A) correct (B) right (C) a laughing hyena (D) Both A & B


I love the squeaky "DO NOT TOUCH ME!!!" Bas lets out when the camera is dark.

ttt for later


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Bas is actually one of the coolest cats ive ever met. I ran into him once in a Jack in the Box in a no name town in CA and we sat down and had lunch together. Totally fucking cool dude. and funny as shit.


I touched Bas's coat sleave one time when he walked by.. dont tell him of course

haha, that's pretty funny

Call me gullible, but I thought the first video was real. I got trolled hard.