BAS RUTTEN Lethal Street Fighting.

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Bas Rutten - Lethal Street Fighting
Uploaded by abbott1

I love that video. Kick to the groin!

Bas has pretty little wrists

TTT for laytah

"everybody underestimates the kick to the groin"
"stab in the liver"
it's funny because it's true. Bas knows what he's talking about.

"I don't think that's right to post the whole video."

Agree, I guess Bas would like people to buy it...

Bas Rutten kicks ass! TTT

Very entertaining.

..."Bas has pretty little wrists "

It's not that his wrists are little. His huge forearms just make them look small.

btw, I can relate

Watching just a few minutes of the video makes me want to go and buy it now. I suggest others do the same.

great video always enjoy that