Bas Rutten & UFC

Now that Bas has left Pride, I think the UFC would be VERY smart to try and sign him as a commentator. The guy is hilarious, he's personable, he's knowledgable about the sport and I think he would connect with US audiences in a big way. He trains some top fighters, and I think is well respected by the fighting community.

I'm not suggesting getting rid of Joe Rogan...i think he does a good job, but adding Bas would be another shot in the arm for an already growing UFC.

Bas has left pride??

where have you been??

he just did Pride 31...he missed 1 event that Trigg filled in for him

they squased all the contract stuff...BAS IS PRIDE

wixom9....that was great

does anyone know how many mispelled names there were last night...

"VICTOR" RIBERO annoyed the hell outta me

how hard was it for the anouncers and commentators to say "VITOR"

idiot...moron...why split hairs?

It's Dan Fried Chicken!