Bas Rutten vs Maurice Smith?

i always see the portion where Bas rutten kick him in highlight but actually who won the fight?

and who dominated the standing part?

Bas won by rolling kneebar.

oki...and who dominated the standing?

"does it matter?"

What is your point? I did not see the fight an I am interested. I have not the right to discuss MMa in MMA forum? what is your problem?

we are not speaking about who fucked your mommy or about who is your real daddy but about a mma fight in a mma forum.

so STFU little bitch!!

Bas Rutten was really agressive in the standup if I recall. Since Maurice Smith was a poor grappler at the time he was tentative on the feet so Bas landed some good front kicks and palm strikes. If I have to pick I would say Bas did better in the standup.

Obviously in a regular kickboxing match Maurice Smith would kill Bas. But in a regular BJJ match Roberto Traven would kill Frank Mir. MMA allows some interesting things to happen.

"Obviously in a regular kickboxing match Maurice Smith would kill Bas"

I don't know about that

Are you serious? Maurice Smith was an accomplished kickboxer and has beaten guys like Jorgen Kruth, Michael McDonald and went the distance with Peter Aerts and Andy Hug.

Bas Rutten was a mediocre kickboxer who lost to the only good fighter he ever faced. And I am a way bigger Bas Rutten fan than I am a Maurice Smith fan.

i was asking because for me also Maurice Smith credential in standup are more developped.


If Bas and Mo were grapplers Bas would be a local NAGA champion while Maurice Smith would be a decent ADCC trials competitor.

They were on different levels when it came to standup.

dudes. Mo would have killed Bas in kickboxing. Frank Lobman KTFO Bas. Lobman was KTFO 3 times by a 20 year old Peter Aerts. Mo was past his prime and Peter was getting into his prime and Mo still held his own with Aerts.

Who was a better Muay Thai Kickboxer though? Did Maurice fight most of his matches in American Kicboxing (no leg kick rule) or did he fight mostly Thai style?

Maurice fought in all kind of standup (Muy Thai, kick boxing and Full contact)