Bas Rutten's BBOC Vol 2

I got Bas's Big Books of Combat recently, and have found them to be really helpful.


I really dislike the way the second book is organized. It's split into Chokes and Neck Cranks, Arm / Wrist Locks, Leg Foot and Ankle Locks, Escapes, and some other stuff. Within each chapter, the techniques seem to be randomly arranged. I prefer to study techniques from a particular position. For instance:

Side Mount (in control)
Arm Bar pg. 106
Arm Bar pg. 108
Arm Lock pg. 153
Choke pg. 78
Control pg. 387

So, I went through the book, indexed each technique by position, whether you are dominant in that position or not, what the technique is (roughly - I may add some more detail later), and what page it's on. Then I sorted the list to make an index, formatted it a little nicer, printed it out, and stuck it in the back of the book. Now, I just refer to my printed pages rather than flipping through the book more or less at random.

You can get the raw data I collected here:

or, if you don't use Excel XP:

(I've been lurking here for awhile - I finally felt like I had something worthwhile to post. Hope somebody finds it helpful.)

i wonder if bas sells his workout drills separate

Great first post. Thanx for the work and the tip.

Great post!