Bas Ruttens home workout question

I am thinking about purchasing his home training routine on audio cassette but i cant find it. The cd's that are sold on this site and others are named differenty so i dont know what to look at can anyone shed some light on this for me


Its a great workout.

You can get it from

This is one of the very few products I ever heard of that
everyone loves, and no one has a bad word to say about.

Did the MMA tape today - it kicks ass.

Excellent product.

The Bas Rutten tapes are great.

I don't know. I played the audio cassettes in my car and got in a pretty bad accident trying to do some of the combinations.

GREAT workout.

Buy it without delay. I did the boxing workout this morning before work. I'm gassed. It's tougher than you think but there is something very motivating about him that drives you to finish.

Great stuff!

My only complaint is that I bought them when they were still on audio cassette only.

I have a complaint. Bas needs to make a version for southpaws.

I just bought a copy and it's nice to hear that everybody likes them. Should have them any day now.