Baseball bat choke

I've done no gi for almost 2.5 years now and only recently started training with the gi so my chokes suck. I really like setting up for the baseball bat choke since I find myself on knee on belly frequently. My success with this choke isn't too high. I must be missing some details.

-what are you actually choking?
-where should your hands/forearms/arms be when in north south?
-where should the rest of your body (legs, chest, stomach) be?
-how do you apply pressure to finish the choke?

I find the my hand that is on the "bottom" of the baseball bat (hand that's not across the throat) is getting twisted in a weird way when I spin to NS.

A little help please!

you are choking the carotid arteries actually.

Ok, lets start from the beginning on this. We will assume I am on the right side of my opponent pinning him. Left hand goes right behind the collar, thumb inside with the left hand making a fist. Go to knee on belly and shoot your right hand 4 fingers inside as close to the neck as possible. Now realistically, you prob can't get a good tight grip and your opponent is going to tuck the chin (annoying I know).

So, we counter this by dropping the knee on stomach. Replace your knee with your right shoulder as you turn into your opponent, this bumps their chin up and lets you slide that right hand in a LOT higher (the fingers should be behind the ear of your opponent, ie slide them through the collar as high as possible now as they cinch up into a fist). You are pulling on the back of the collar with your left hand by this point in time, btw.

Now circle walk HARD around as you pull your elbows in. The lower your body is as you walk around fast, the tighter the application of the choke. Your head is near their breastbone, elbows tucked in as you essentially are trying to bring your fists back to your hips. Margarida is THE MASTER at this choke so look on youtube for vids on him doing this. This is one of my money chokes but hopefully others on here will help ya out as well, good luck!

as for your hand problem, the hand on the bottom is prob too low. Make sure its either at the base of the spine or near the base of the spine so you can have a strong grip but not one that will kill the strength of the hand.

its done the same as its done in no-gi,just adjustments to the grip

oh, one more detail. Typically after dropping the shoulder and getting the deeper grip, close off your hands and elbows, ie they are open scissor so close them off as you circle walk around to north south. This creates a TON of pressure.

Thanks HunterV. I'll put your advice to work next time I roll.

 It's cheating to use a baseball bat in any sport other than baseball or baseketball.