Basic 8 - Knee dip

From: noshame the knee dip is the basic movement that allows outside single leg shots. the knee dip, while a usefull technique in itself, is a good drill/tech to get you used to two fundamental principles in shooting- clearing your head, and changing your level. to understand how the drill works, imagine that your opp. has a collar tie on you with his right arm. your left hand is on his right elbow and is anchoring it tightly to your shoulder (to make it dificult for him to use the tie up offensively). the beauty of this is that either leg can be forward (but you should be close to square for this to be most effective). now, using your left arm/shoulder, snap his elbow above your head and to the left (or shuck it) while stepping forward with your left leg. place the left foot to the outside of his right foot. as you step forward, drop your right knee to the mat. this changes your level. finally, finish by spinning outside if he is sprawling hard, or switch to a double if you caught him off-guard. above is a tech in full. now for the drill. start almost square. step forward with your left foot while shucking with your left arm. dip your right knee to the ground. you should be moving at a 45 degree angle (to your left) from his center. now, your right knee is still on the ground. from this position, you will change directions to continue the drill. step with your right foot to the opposite direction (45 degrees to the right from your opp.'s center). as you do this, you will use your right arm to clear your head, while your left knee dips. continue this drill across the mat. no shame

Good stuff, no shame! Thanks!

So it seems like the knee dip can be thought of as sort of a "close-range" penetration step for head outside shots, right?

If you don't mind my two cents, this type of penetration is extremely effective from just about any tight tie-up: in the clinch, with an underhook, from a pummeling position, etc.

Definitely a great skill to learn!