Basketball Player KO's Ref (video)

This is a link from and it's of an Argentine Bball player who KO's the ref over a "bad call".

Please embed if you can.... link follows

what a punk

he and yvel should be thrown into a pit and fight with their hands dipped in broken glass

thats really fucked up

That punch did permanent damage to that referee. The guy is either mentally deficient or was on drugs because that is just totally fucked up. I hope he got some jail time.

I hope the ref recovers.Man what a trip.


+++ for later

just another example of a little boy in a grown man's body...

wow, ktfo. What a piece of shit. LOL at waving the pompoms to wake him up though.

Its dangerous just what one dig can do

Thats shocking. I hope for his and his families sake they sue the fuck out of the retard.

Definitely deserves jailtime.

Thats Bullshit!! That guy should go to prison!