Batista: oh lordy

if he ever turns evil, we're doomed!

Pffft. No problem. 6'5", 300 lbs., bring it.


Seriously though, you better footlock the crap outta him.  That's the only part of his body that doesn't have superior muscle development.

He killed it as DAX on GOTG. I had low expectations but he did a great job. Phone Post 3.0


Guardians of the Galaxy. He plays one of the main characters, Drax the destroyer Phone Post 3.0

Phone Post 3.0

zoey was fine as hell. i like her green. or blue

Aww that coon is sooooo cute.

lol...when i saw the previews i thought dax was wonder batista is massive he is one ugly mofo!

I am groot! Phone Post 3.0

When I'm stuck in a mass text I don't want to be in, I just keep replying "I am Groot" until they start a new one without me Phone Post 3.0

lol you have friends!

LOL! Phone Post 3.0