Batista retired from wrestling. Wants to do MMA.

 Lesnar. is screwed.



 Jim Ross on Batsita doing mma:

On Batista Doing MMA: Speaking of MMA, I've heard some rumblings that when Batista gets healthy that he might try his hand in the MMA world. This rumor is FAR from official but I do know that Batista has been doing some MMA training and has a bona fide interest in the genre. This would be a huge challenge for Batista if he indeed attempts to compete in MMA at a high level which, again, is not a done deal.

The man can't walk up steps, I doubt he'll embarrass himself doing MMA.

 Manny Pac said Batista has very goods hands for a guy his size

Buwahahaha...those devastating leg kicks!

lol at this ever happening, he's 41.

Card - lol at this ever happening, he's 41.
WOW - he's that old? Jeeze, I figured mid-30s, tops. 

Him vs. James Toney. Go all the way with the freak shows at this point. 


ArtWanderlei -  I am not a fan of his at all.  That said, with 6 months of training he would school about 90% of MMA heavyweights.


He would do slightly less well than Sean O'Haire did.

 Batista already has a victory over the UFC heavyweight champion. He was really green at that time too.

Batista by trap fighting

Batista vs pudz now pls!

I heart freakshows.

 well well motherfuckers. U thought I was kidding. Now hes signed with strikeforce and its all over now.