Battle at the Barn March 6th

This will be the first of many shows planned for Southern MN. Ultimate Combat Sports is proud to bring MMA Action to Rochester.
See the web site for more info:
If you are in the area check out the show. Or if you would like to fight for future UCS Shows send me a note at:

And Yes I'm still with ICC

just checked it out. Is this a amateur or a pro card? Or is it a mix card? Which are pro and which are amateur then?



ICC is March 12th
Rkings - define amateur and?
Nearly all the fighters are fairly new to fighting; but nearly all are makeing some $ on the show. Unlike most Am shows where matches are made the night of - these bouts have been set up for some time.
Honestly I never know what people mean when they say pro and Am - Hell I've run into dozens of fighters who start as pros and then a year later are fighting as Ams - They terms have no meaning in MMA.
This is a Local show. All the fighters are from within 150 miles of Rochester. They all train and nearly all have combat sport experience and most have MMA experience

Good luck and hope your show goes the way you want it.
Good to hear you got a hold of k-9,I'll give him a call tomorrow and see what he can do.Also hope Sam comes home with a win!I'll be talking to you laterz.


Thanks - Tell K-9 I will give him a call when I get back from Japan for the show on the 12th. Would really like to have you up here.




Travis email me -