"BATTLE CRY",....Now accepting fig


At the end of January I will have an event that your more hardcore fighters should enter. It will allow upcoming fighters to showcase and test their skills in both striking AND grappling. Using a unique set of rules created and sanctioned specifically for this event. This is the closest that one can legally come to MMA in NC/SC. THIS IS NOT MMA.

This is a great opportunity if they are looking to gain experience before trying a pro level MMA fight. But this will require that they fill out a profile in advance. ALL fights on the card will be made in advance.

See the form attached to this. Have all your potential fighters fill it out, send it back to me, and I will match them accordingly. For anyone who doesn't get a fight in January, they shouldn't worry since this will be a monthly event and their profiles will be kept on file for future matchmaking.

This event will be running side-by-side the Carolina Cup's "TAP FACTOR" grappling series. Anyone who wishes to compete in both may do so. Entry fees for both events are separate, however, anyone who wishes to enter both will be given a discount. The schedule will be staggered accordingly in order to ensure they are fresh for their fight. Train hard guys, cause it's time to take it up a notch.


Anthony Huss




"Battle Cry"/DMA Fighter Information Card

Name_________________________________________ (Example: Dudley Domore)

Nickname______________________________________ (Example: “The Brawler”)

Height and Weight_______________________________ (Example: 5’6” 180 lbs)

Origin________________________________________ (Example: Charlotte, North Carolina)

Fighting Style___________________________________ (Example: Wrestler)

Training Experience________________________________ (Example: Muay Thai 4 years, BJJ 2 years black belt)

Gym Affliation__________________________________ (Example: Huss Hybrid Combat College)

Amatuer Record_________________________________________ (Example: 2 Wins 2 Losses 1 Draw)

Pro Record_________________________________________ (Example: 2 Wins 2 Losses 1 Draw)

Any Titles or Championships_______________________________ (Example: All-Japan-MMA-Tournament Championx2, Combat Wrestling Top-ranker)

Date of Birth_____________________________________ (Example: 2/27/80)

Phone Number___________________________________ (Example: (801) 367-5814)

Fax Number_____________________________________ (Example: (801) 367-5814) * if available

Address_________________________________________ (Example: 6571, Nodhill Rd. SLC, UT 84123)

E-mail Address___________________________________ (Example: bill@hotmail.com)

Fighter Management Contact_______________________________ (Example: Don King (801) 367-8948)

  • Print out the fighter form and complete all the necessary information. Email it back to wayne_anthonyhuss@yahoo.com or fax it to (704) 732-9760.

  • Please take the time to fill everything out correctly. It is very important that all the information be spelled correctly. This information will be logged on a database and kept for permanent record. All information should be current to keep all web databases consistent.

what is it?

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It's the logical alternative for fighters wanting to test themselves in ANTI-MMA states.

Two fighters fight each other twice under two separate rules. One for striking. One for grappling.

It's not MMA I know. That's the point, since MMA is illegal in NC. But it does allow a fighter to test themselves in two rather important divisons. Striking and grappling.

It would serve another purpose too. Showing the NC/SC goverment that a competition along these lines at least can be conducted safely. By proving ourselves capable of self-monitoring, running a safe and upstanding event. Hopefully allowing us to eventually bring back MMA. Hey, it's worth a shot.