For all you Grapplers out there, come and check it out! Some gyms participating: Team USA, Team Tsutui, Ceasar Gracie, Academy of Self Defense, Cung Le's, Open Door BJJ, Pacific Ring Sports... the list goes on!

Eeek, you could have picked a better picture - that dude looks like he's getting fisted :\

And at Jackin' Rd.???? BEEEEEEEEEEP!

Why are these things only ever announced on 24 hours' notice? LOL

Would've loved to compete but I have plans already. Good luck with the event...

Ive been blasting this for weeks! Mat fee is essentially a guest fee for use of the gym. I use a different picture everytime. If you grapple, you have been in this position. remember its only gay when you make eye contact!

Y'know what, I'm fiending pretty hard for a match, I may come anyway.

What are the weight classes?

BAY AREAAAAAA!!!! gets hyphy

Thx RARA! You need to come by the gym one of these times when your in the Bay not signing books and being a big star and all.

Sanbrn- go to and click on Open Mat Submission Challenge then click on printed reg for info on the weight classes