BB World Champ Rodrigo Cavaca thanks Roli Delgado


Cool article, any word on what those foot lock details are?

Roli should ask Frank Mir where he got his BB from.

Muffinho - Roli should ask Frank Mir where he got his BB from.

Ricardo Pires.

I know, but that wasn't the point.

Muffinho - I know, but that wasn't the point.

 Roli should have ask Mir "What's that on the ceiling!" and when Mir looked up, Roli should have kicked him in the nuts. 

That is an awesome endorsement from a great competitor. Roli is like half his size. I thought it was pretty fucked up how TUF tried to make him look like somekind of a poser. you don't read about world champions thanking Mir for his expertise.

very cool

For lazy folks... (Rodrigo finished 2 at Pan, 2 at the Brasileiro, and 5 at Worlds with Roli's foot lock combos from 50/50)

 That foot hold helped a lot. Is it true you learned it from Hillary Williams’s teacher?

That’s right. And he’s right next to me now! He’s Roli Delgado, who’s fought three times in the UFC. I trained with him here in February and he taught me several details about the position, ironed my game out a lot. He noticed I do the 50/50 a lot and he me make a lot of adjustments. For sure, for what he showed me, a big part of this conquest is his. I got the sub in the final of the Brazilian Nationals with this hold and, of the seven finishes I came up with at the Worlds, five were with this hold. I am very grateful to him.

The much more interesting question is whether Roli learned them from Billy Robinson. So maybe Cavaca just won the Mundials with... catch wrestling!

 Roli's leg locks come from a mixture of his current BJJ knowledge, Max Bishop's amazing Hayastan leg lock mastery, and some of Billy's Catch Wrestling.  

More proof...

I'd rather not get into a debate over semantics. I am very happy to be a part of Rodrigo's first World Championship. However, our game and now his is a mixture of what Hillary mentioned.

Thanks for the post Hillary :)

I AM A FAN!!!!!!!

 TTT! Cavaca is a beast! I competed against him in Absolute Pan Am's 2009. Didn't last any longer than cyborg! =)


I recently fell victim to Roli's footlock in the finals of NAGA no gi final by Roli himself ! haha insane pressure

WOW!!!! Awesome. Huge props to We$t$ide doing great things.