Be Breathed Question(s)

Scott (or anyone who has the Be Breathed tape),

Could you describe the content of this tape a little
bit? Is it the same material that's found on the
Dykhaniye Natural Energy tape? Or is this new material?

How is it organized? Is this a "follow along" sort of
tape, a catalogue of exercises (similar to the
Zdorovye tapes), a conceptual tape (similar to IOUF)?

Thanks for the info!


Jake -

Once I get my copy of BB, I'll let you know how it stacks up. Its hould be getting here any day now. :-)

It's different exercises from Dhykaniye. Somewhat related to the spinal rocks on GTB, but with a very different emphasis and much more detailed. It's more of a follow along/ catalog type of tape, but with Scott doing a lot of explanation and talking as well, unusual for him ;-)