"BE BREATHED" Video Review

I recently received my copy of the new
video "Be Breathed." SIMPLEXITY (a
Sonnonism)is the best way to describe
it. "Be Breathed" can be used as an
introduction to the Zdorovye Health System,
a complementary training resource to the
Warrior Wellness series, and as a
specialized health improvement exercise to
maximize performance in any fighting style
or system. At a simple level, the video
outlines step by step a specific training
program. At a complex level, the video
discusses advanced methodology and concepts
(such as perpetual exercise). SIMPLEXITY!

For more on SIMPLEXITY, see the Discussion
Archives at www.amerross.com. For more
information about the new video "Be
Breathed," see www.zdorovye.com/bebreathed/.

Since November of last year I have been
performing Amsov's Daily Complex of Joint
Mobility Exercises. A key concept of this
program is the performance of a high number
of repetitions. I have been pleased with the
results. Performing high repetitions of
specific exercises with perfect exercise
execution as outlined in "Be Breathed" may
result in even greater returns because it is
a complete system –
breathing,posture/balance and movement. I
will post my results after several months.

Sorry Scott, I did fast forward the