Be careful what you fn wish for

Blue pls. Phone Post 3.0



SensoriaUtopia - 

Use some common sense OP, he always knew it was not an easy fight, he said that to make the fight happen, he just got the biggest payday of his life, which sets his family up very well, Eddie knew what he was doing, dude is probably only gonna fight another 3 or 4 times, he just probably made more money last night than in the previous 4 fights combined.


Unless your Khabib, Conor is no easy fight for anyone LW, Eddie knew that


Alvarez had disdain and scoffed at the concept of Conor being competitive with him. He actually laughed and it was genuine.

Use some common sense.

Bullshit.  Eddie was talking shit the whole time.  He could've been humble but he chose to be cocky and talk shit all the way to the cage. Then he got pounded exactly like I (and many others) predicted. 

It's all promos guys, let's not shit on Eddie. A true warrior.

Skeletor68 -

It's all promos guys, let's not shit on Eddie. A true warrior.

He's nowhere near the level of warrior these guys in here are. They don't fuck around on the keyboard. They are very well accomplished in the community. So they earned the right to talk shit!!

Eddie got the money fight. He's a warrior. He was humble in defeat and entertaining leading up to the fight.

Congrats Eddie. Phone Post 3.0

dunno what he actually believed

but he hyped it well and got paid

Im not going to lie.....I thought Eddie was going to win.

He was in great shape and always comes to fight.

I didn't think Conor could handle the pace Eddie always sets.

Boy was I wrong.

Conor thrown some of the most precise punches I have ever seen in MMA.

Conor is a freeakin Animal!