Be easy on the old man

I am going to work on my non existant guard game. So be easy on the old man. I will definitely be working on mount and side control defense for a while. I'll probaly be in one of those positions 99% 0f the time. I feel the only way to get comfortable in guard is to go there until I get comfortable. I missed seeing you guys lately everyone in my family, I mean all 5 of us has had a bad stomach bug. Iam over it now. See you Wednesday night and don't "destroy" me to bad I have to go to work Thursday. Too Hotty

Glad you will be back. See you on wednesday old timer :O)

Too hotty! you need me to bring you some vagasil to class? J/k bro. holla holla holla

"old timer" - yea old man would not be back on the mat so fast after ACL surgery.  There a many younger guys in a lot worse shape.  No sandbagging around here.

No sandbagging intended. I'm just saying that's how bad my guard game is. Too Hotty

Your guard game looked good tonight - those crazy hard rehab exercises (from Doc) seemed to really work in getting you back on the floor fast.  Props for you to survive those drills. 

With Tiny I didn't have much time to use the guard. I tried the baseball choke from guard but I didn't have it sunk deep enough in the lapels.After that he gave me lesson after lesson.