Bear VS Moreno - VFC

The VFC returns to the Mid America Center Saturday, Sept 9th! 16 of the Midwest's top mixed martial artists will step into the cage to test their mettle. The card will be rounded out with two of the most anticipated fights in the region - Bitter rivals Mark "The Meskwaki Badboy" Bear VS Victor "Superman" Moreno and VFC lightweight champion Luke "Lil Hulk" Caudillo VS #1 contender Alonzo "Zo Diddy" Martinez. Both have tasted VICTORY, both have felt DEFEAT, but Saturday Sept 9th... ONLY ONE CAN BE KING!


so pissed that Im missing this.

Is Justin James fighting on this card? When will Brilz fight again?

TTT for the VFC

Great match up Jay!!

Sounds like a great show!

HwksWrstlng - Justin is fighting in a 4 man lightweight tournament two
weeks before this fight... Alonzo is fighting in it as well. The winner is
rumored to be seeded into the UFC.

If by chance Zo is injured during this tournament, Justin will take his
place on the card. In the event that both are injured (however rare),
John Strawn (Currently ranked #3) will rematch Caudillo for the title.

Jay-any openings in the tourney? We have a couple of good 155ers.

Im pretty sure that it is full. You may want to check with Monte on that
one though. I think he is the one promoting the tourney.

Thanks VJ for the update. What card is the 4-man tourney on?

The tournament is in Wisconsin at the LCO Casino....Justin James, Alonso Martinez, Lee Gibson and Clay French are all in it....

I didnt know that tourney wan on the finals of the 170 tourney show.

Im about 150% more excited now.

That fight will be a war between Moreno and Bear. Too bad I live about 8 hours away.




I will go with bear on this one. The guy can fight and he is a great guy.


I see a James and Clay French final! On Montes card!


ttt for Mike Adams