Beatdown 3 -- New Town ND??

Oct 11, 2008 -- anybody going? Anyone heard of this event? Gonna go check it out, is it a good event. Jeff Monson is fighting in the main event.

 Fights to look out for on the card :

Victor Meza (Phoenix) vs Nik Lentz (Minneapolis)


Rich Taylor (Minneapolis)vs Yaotzin Meza (Phoenix)


Zach Wolff (Bismarck) vs Danny Martinez (Phoenix)


Chris Hugh (Bismarck) vs Andrew Kapel (Minneapolis)


Eric Pribble (fargo) vs Ben Wicks (Grand Forks)

Marshall Martin (fargo)vs Caleb Wolff (Bismarck)

some guys I dont know alot about but match up well on the card:

Lloyd Woodard (Montana) vs Mel Ott (Wisconsin)


Casey Kelly (Montana)  vs Jordan Wallette (Belcourt)


Bryan Ghekerie (Montana) vs  David Wallette(Belcourt)


Jim Miltonberger (Minot) vs Dane Sayers (Fargo)

14 fights in all in a packed 2000 seat arena. It should be one hell of a show.

wontsubmit... thanks for the info... did some lookin around last night and found your website, the poster and some other things. Looks like a good show, cant wait to get there and check the show out.

I am Casey Kelly's trainer and will be coming out with the Montana guys.

Did I see that you are from Jamestown? I played football there for 2 years. LOL... I was a Jimmy under Roli Greeno. It was quite the place! Havn't thought of "the angle of the dangle" in a long time!

Look forward to meeting you at the show. Have a good one.


ttt for Jamestown ND

ttt for some more input