BeBreathed Question


I've watched the Be Breathed tape a couple of times now, and have started to do the slow butterfly exercise, for a couple of sessions. I'm gathering that this is something that I can/should do once a day (or more, if I had the time/energy).

My question is how/when to incorporate the fast training. Should I wait to master the butterfly movement before starting fast training? When I do incorporate the fast training, should I alternate days (i.e. one day slow, one day fast), do both at different times of the day, or do both one after the other (i.e. after slow training, do the fast training reps). Just a bit unsure as to which approach would be reccommended.


Dan, you need to "grease the groove" by going slow and learning the skill. If your technique wanes, so does the benefit of the exercise. Go deliberately slow to allow velocity to naturally increase with fluidity.

Do super slow training until you have solidly established all of the positions in BE BREATHED. Then allow yourself to HIIT the volume.

Thanks for clarifying. That was my initial impression, but the second time I watched the tape I noted that you said to do the fast program at whatever level at which you were currently doing the slow program. So, I didn't know whether I was supposed to do both methods from the start. I'm perfectly comfortable in sticking to the superslow exercise.