Before you blame Werdum.....

Blame Arlovski as well.

Sylvia took his warrior spirit.

And what further pissed me off about Werdum was that when he DID throw punches he WAS connecting square onto Andrei's ugly ass face with them, but he never bothered to follow up on them and surrendered any possible chance he had of winning that fight in the process.

I too blame AA. He did fuck all to finish that fight.

"I'm tired of seeing AA dance around looking all quick and athletic without really doing anything. "

Ditto. and he used to my favorite fighter to watch.

Equal fault on both. What's up w/Werdum's slaps?

I thought that Werdm could have won the second round, but Arlovsky had total cage control the whole fight, Werdum backed up the entire time.

I liked AA so much a couple of years ago...

i blame werdum

I personally think you have to blame AA just as much. werdum has been training stand up with Cro Cop.. But I still feel it was AA's fight to win standing up and striking.. Its certainly not werdum's strength at this point.

Yeah. If one guys running, then freaking cut him off and tag him. If one guys just stalking and not throwing much, freakin' be aggressive. Sometimes theres just something in the air, today- Werdum too cautious in his debut, Andrei too protective of his status.

I blame Arlovski more. He's supposed to be the "better standup fighter". Werdum was doing everything he could with those haymakers, and "straight blasts". Arlovski only got two moves, the inside leg kick, and counter punching.

they both sucked

"I blame Arlovski more. He's supposed to be the "better standup fighter"."

Exactly what I was thinking.

I don't think anyone expected Werdum to come in throwing bombs like Tyson, but they likely expected that AA would get the better of the standup. AA got the better of the standup, but not by a very large margin.

Arlovski just managed to do a little more to not lose.

"Are you calling those open-handed bitchslaps he was throwing "haymakers" and "straight blasts"."

BLAF, Joe Rogan calls them "straight blasts". And a haymaker is just a wild looping punch which he did.

Arlovski was obviously concerned about being taken down, because he was fighting a guy who submitted Aleks Emilianenko like nothing once it hit the ground, and since the second Sylvia fight his standup has gotten a lot more cautious because he doesn't trust his own chin much anymore. It made for a pretty boring fight, and yes, Arlovski is more to "blame" for the slow pace because as the superior standup fighter he could have done a lot more damage if he had been more aggressive.

On the other hand he deserves some credit too, he was fighting an opponent who many felt would beat him easily, and his win was never in any serious trouble.

Are you kidding me? I give AA credit for walking forward and pretending to push the action but all he did was thru a couple of leg kicks without following up. Werdum is not a striker by any means but at least he went forward with a barage of strikes trying to engage (despite them all missing). AA did shit and I think its time they make an example of these type of fighters.

You can definetly see the Cro Cop influence in his game.

AA Fought not to lose.

I like Arlovski but I think he doesn't like to be hit?

I mean no one does but I think he's afraid to get hit!

I for one have NEVER seen Werdum in a half-way exciting fight, and I've seen 5 or 6 of his fights. He's the opposite of what the UFC needs.

Nobody noticed Werdum's open palm strikes?

I'm pretty sure his hand was broke. Arlovski was worried about the takedowns and didn't want to over extend IMO.

Arlovski has caught the Rizzo bug :(