Behring Alberta Cup..results

Arashi-Do would like to thank all who participated in the 1st Behring Alberta Cup Series.

Some of the divisions were combined together so that competitors had a good day of fights.

The following is the results for the Ranking sysytem

Female Division

Super-Featherweight (White Belt)

1st Place- Diana Trang Behring/Arashi-Do Edmonton)

Medium Heavy (White Belt)

1st place- Janessa Eliuk (Behring/Arashi-Do Red Deer)

Rooster Weight (white Belt)

1st place- Ryan Williams (Behring/Arashi-Do Red Deer)

LightWeight (White Belt)

1st place- Mark Campbell (BDB Martial Arts/Brian Bird)

2nd place- Matthew Rolf (BDB Martial Arts/Brian Bird)

Middlweight (White Belt)

1st place- Doug McComb (BDB Martial Arts/Brian Bird)

2nd place- Mike Newton Behring/Arashi-Do Edmonton)

Middleweight (Blue Belt)

1st place- Jason St-Louis (Behring/Arashi-Do Red Deer)

Heavyweight (White Belt)

1st place- Mike Yakulic Behring/Arashi-Do Edmonton)

SuperHeavyweight (White Belt)

1st place- H.K. Lee (BDB Martial Arts/Brian Bird)

Super-SuperHeavyweight (White Belt)

1st place- Wyatt Lewis (Behring/Arashi-Do Red Deer)

2nd Place- Tim Seutter Behring/Arashi-Do Edmonton)

The Absolute winner is Wyatt Lewis (Behring/Arashi-Do Red Deer)

Thanks again and we will see you all again at the 2nd part series of the Behring Alberta Cuo this Febuary 28th at Arashi-Do Martial Arts Red Deer

Fight Hard, Train Harder....

Jason St-Louis

big ups to the crew from National jiu-jitsu.

Wish i could have been there to see Diana Trang fight. She is awesome.

Wyatt is a super-SUPER heavyweight now? What the hell is that about? You guys have a donut shop on every corner in red deer or what? Congrats wyatt.

Can't wait until the next one...

Two weeks is just enought time to fix up some of the little things.

See you guys there
Mike Y

Congratulations, Samurai!!!

Hope to see all BJJ and grappling teams supporting these events!!!

It´s hard to make it happens, so don´t miss the opportunity when it comes!

Great job, congratulations to all fighters and promoters!

Take care,

Professor Sylvio Behring

Red Deer has a Mcdonalds on every block(seriously, they're everywhere!).