Behring/Schilling Team

I am just wondering how many of you folks competed at the CJA's last weekend, and if you did, how did you do?

Sorry I couldn't join you guys, but I'm down south visiting my brother and his family. The seminar was too much for me to handle, it wasn't the late nights, but more so the early mornings that did me in. The boozing really didn't help my training either, but a week in California should speed up recovery.

I have been working with the guys from Cal Worsham's Team X to keep in shape. They have given me my first taste of MMA training, and I'm lovin it.

See you guys soon!


Hulk + Strikes = I'm scared

Hey Shawn! Good to hear from you. The only thing you missed this weekend was a 10 hour circus!
Anthony took first in his division!