Belal Muhammad “ Colby easiest fight at 170”


I like that fight, but he’s talking non sense here


Belal is delusional.


Trigger fingers turn to twitter fingers

Why would you expect him to give any praise (minor it may be) to Colby?

Colby beats Belal for sure.


Belal is proof of how bad the current WW division is


crazy that the current #1 WW challenger has zero wins over any active top 10 WW


As much as I dislike BLoL and like Colby I do think he might beat Colby. I don’t know that Colby can take him down and I think BLOL has more punching power. I don’t know that Colby would gas BLOL.

I think Colby wins a striking fight by out pointing BLOL but I could see BLOL hurting him with big shots.

I respect his efforts to try and make a name for himself. But Belal is so cringe. He may deserve the big fights. But nobody gives a shit to see him. Sorry Jon Anik. I know you love sucking Belal off.


Colby’s been out for so long I think Belal takes him out by tko stoppage

NDA mfers working themselves into a shoot

It’s B-Lol @Tim_Duncan not BLoL, close enough tho

And I fucking despise B-Lol

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People acting like Colby hasn’t fought in years…
It’s only been like 15 months.

Compared to Stipe being out for nearly 3

i dont think anybody is expecting much out of stipe anyway. So bad comparison.

Its just odd that Colby is getting the title shot without any wins over any active UFC top 10 welterweight.