Bellator 133 purses: 32k-1k

I guess no lobster diner for those 1k guys Phone Post 3.0

But... but... but... Zuffa r da bad guyz!

ProctorMMA - Damn that sucks. Hope they pay increases.

all around mma pay increase would be awesome. you got bellator guys getting paid shit and had at least 3 guys saying they wanted a pay bonus on tv last night

Papi Chingon - This supports the lawsuit claims doesn't it?
Almost said this.
UGBlog will have a gag order by Lorenzo soon. Phone Post 3.0

Papi Chingon - This supports the lawsuit claims doesn't it?
No, not really. UFC isn't creating barriers for Bellator to sign top talent.

StrikeForce signed away Dan Henderson. Affliction signed away Andre Arlovski, Vitor Belfort, and Tim Sylvia. Bellator signed Gilbert Melendez (which the UFC matched). UFC signed Eddie Alvarez (and Bellator matched...sort of...)

Bellator competes for talent. It's honestly not the UFCs fault MMA isn't popular enough to support multiple large promotions. The important part is that the UFC isn't creating barriers to enter the market. It's just a tough market to enter. Phone Post 3.0